Friday, January 13, 2012

I Should Have Gone To Nursing School

Not that I'm complaining about my career choice, but practicing elder law seemingly pales in comparison to serving as a private nurse for a wealthy client.  

Hadassah Peri was the long-time private nurse for eccentric copper heiress, Huguette Clark.  Ms. Clark, who died childless in May 2011 at the age of 104, had a $400 million fortune that she inherited from her father, former U.S. Senator and copper magnate William A. Clark. 

During the last five years of Clark's life, Peri received "gifts" of approximately $26 million. In addition,  Clark's will left Peri another $30 million.  This information has come to light during the administration of Clark's estate.  Clark's accountant, Irving Kamsler, and her attorney, Wallace Bock, were recently suspended from serving as executors for the estate by New York Surrogate Kristen Booth after evidence surfaced that both men engaged in tax fraud by failing to pay to the IRS $90 million in unpaid gift taxes, interest and possible penalties.

Both Kamsler and Bock claim they at all times acted in Clark's best interest, and have denied the allegations.   The Manhattan D.A. is investigating, and it is likely that the Justice Department will launch an investigation into the alleged tax fraud.  It probably won't help Kamsler's case that he is already a convicted felon and registered sex offender, having plead guilty in 2008 for attempting to distribute child pornography.

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