Monday, August 16, 2010

Back From Vacation

This is off-topic, but I was down in Orlando last week for the family summer vacation and have a few observations:
  •  The new Harry Potter "world" at Universal is spectacular, and the "Forbidden Journey" ride inside "Hogwarts" is the best attraction I've ever been on.
  • The crowds at Universal and Islands of Adventure greatly exceeded those of the two Disney parks we visited -- Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios.  Disney better act fast to develop new attractions that appeal to older children and teens if it doesn't want to lose more market share.
  • America's obesity epidemic is spiraling out of control.  The grotesque size of the portions at many restaurants does not help the situation.
  • We must be crazy to go to Florida in August -- the heat, and especially the humidity, were oppressive.
  • Delta's "bag drop" line is a joke.  Having checked-in online and printed off boarding passes, you would think that dropping off your bags should be an expedited arrangement.  Think again.
  • I read The Big Short by Michael Lewis about the sub-prime mortgage mess.  The book confirmed my opinion that the top executives at most of the major investment banks should have been indicted for fraud, or at least some form of criminal negligence.

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